Pu Erh

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Pu Erh is a fully fermented black tea found in the Yunnan area. Its earthly character with a strong woody aroma almost makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the forest. The deep flavours of the Pu Erh control your emotions taking you deeper and deeper into the woods. Its complex flavours remind us of the Chinese Knot; weaved together but at the same time, each string bringing some character. Each cup of tea provides a mouthful of density but at the same time, a strange lightness with the smell of fresh earth.

Weight-watchers will love this tea as it is said to lower fatty acids, aid digestion and improve appetite. We recommend having this tea with cookies and Chinese New Year goodies to wash all the sinful crumbles down. Fine old black teas are like wine, the value appreciates with time and the more aged the tea, the smoother and crispier the taste.

Ingredients: Pu Erh Tea

Temperature: 98 Degrees Celsius

Brewing Time: 2 to 3 mins

Water: 230ml / 8oz

Tasting Notes: Medium bodied. Earthy and slightly maltly that exhibits an underlying sweetness and smooth finish.

Locally drawn labels with our uniquely blended teas in a matte white resealable packaging, also known to us as a “poche”.

Size: 3 sachets - 130 X 90mm, 12 sachets - 210 X 130mm