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Light bodied and refreshing, Oolong Tea is perfect after a full meal and an ideal addition to the dinner table. Oolong Tea as we know it today has fine quality and unique flavour. It was the first tea to be made a tribute tea, in the Song Dynasty and selected by the Emperor to be offered as a gift to the royal court, which was a great honour and good for business.

Oolong Tea has been known to have many health benefits and in addition to these, the color of the liquor is pitch perfect amber red in color. Aroma is exciting, with a fragment of woodsy toastiness. The flavours take you on a whirl, like a fan blowing across the trees and the breeze lightly touching your skin. The aroma of fresh leaves and wood gives you that subtle freshness, awaking you from your slumber. Complex and one of the most successful Chinese teas, we expect bountiful conversations over a sumptuous dinner.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea

Temperature: 80 Degrees Celsius

Brewing Time: 3 to 4 mins

Water: 230ml / 8oz

Tasting Notes: Light bodied. Smooth and rich with an aroma of roasted nuts and a caramel-like aftertaste.

Locally drawn labels with our uniquely blended teas in a matte white resealable packaging, also known to us as a “poche”.

Size: 3 sachets - 130 X 90mm, 12 sachets - 210 X 130mm

Our Oolong is harvested in Spring in the Anxi region of Fujian, China. Each tea leaf is handpicked to ensure harvests of young buds. The taste is smooth, crisp and light with a fragrance that recalls the Chinese orchid after rain. When steeped, the leaves produce a liquor that has a light green hue with a remarkable sweet and pure aftertaste.