Japanese Tea Set

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Each Japanese Tea Set comes with 3 types of teas (Genmaicha, Sencha and Houjicha) loose leaves of 10g each with a tea filter perfect for steeping the teas to perfection. Enjoy an exciting new experience with a Kalita tea filter, and bring it along for holiday if you wish!

Packaging: Collaboration Tea Box

Size: 260mm (L) x 130mm (B) x 30mm (H)

Contains: Small poches- 10g of tea each. Total 30g of tea of 3 different blends, Tea filter & spoon, Inspirational quote stickers

Blends: Genmaicha, Sencha and Houjicha (10g each)


How to use

1) Place the Filter paper into the Green Kalita Filter holder placed atop a mug/glass.

2) Preliminarily scald the filter paper with hot water to rid the cup of any residual taste of paper.

3) Scoop a spoonful of tea unto the tea filter and pour a first round of hot water into tea leaves to awaken the leaves.

4) Throw the water in the mug/glass.

5) Pour the water of the appropriate temperature through the tea leaves in the tea filter and tea leaves will steep while the water runs through.

6) Enjoy while hot.

*This equipment is most suited to teas which only need 1 minute of steeping and is best suited for the Sencha and generally green teas. 

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