Earl Grey

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Smooth and refined, with a classic character. Earl Grey features a rich taste of premium black tea in combination with a refreshing citrus flavour. The bergamot overtones provide a signature flavour with a superb finishing. The bold flavours of this tea pairs well with dark chocolate cakes and desserts, crème brulee and other citrusy sweet treats!

Ingredients: Premium Ceylon Tea & Bergamot (Earl Grey)

Temperature: 98 Degrees Celsius

Brewing Time: 2 to 3 mins

Water: 230ml / 8oz

Tasting Notes: Full bodied. Bold and light citrus notes, mildly astringent.

Locally drawn labels with our uniquely blended teas in a matte white resealable packaging, also known to us as a “poche”.

Size: 3 sachets - 130 X 90mm, 12 sachets - 210 X 130mm