Jasmine's Magic

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A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew; but when I'm way up here, it's crystal clear, that now I'm in a whole new world with you.

On a magic carpet ride - that’s exactly how we felt when we blended this tea! Bringing you into a whole new world with our Lavender infused Jasmine Green Tea. Lavender has been used over the ages for promoting rest and creating a relaxed state of mind. The pleasant and distinctive smell of lavender has often been associated with stress relief, making Jasmine’s Magic an ideal bedtime tea to help draw you into a restful and peaceful sleep.

And as a favourite amongst many, Jasmine Green Tea is prepared by allowing the flavour of the Jasmine flowers to be absorbed by the green tea leaves during oxidation. The delicate Jasmine Flower opens only at night and is plucked in the morning, making this tea extremely precious. A floral affair for lavender lovers.

Ingredients: Premium Jasmine Green Tea, Lavender Flowers

Temperature: 92 Degrees Celsius

Brewing Time: 3 to 4 mins

Water: 230ml / 8oz

Tasting Notes: Light bodied. Boldly floral with lemon and citrus notes, with a soft vegetal finish.

Locally drawn labels with our uniquely blended teas in a matte white resealable packaging, also known to us as a “poche”.

Size: 3 sachets - 130 X 90mm, 12 sachets - 210 X 130mm