Christmas Box Set 2020

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*Picture only for illustration purposes - blends are different from pictures for 2019*

Christmas is a season for giving and what better way to give something special to your loved ones than something that's more than a story, but an inspiration! Each box comes with 5 different flavoured poches with 3 tea sachets each.

Packaging: Collaboration Tea Box

Size: 260mm (L) x 130mm (B) x 30mm (H)

Contains: Small poches, 3-sachets of tea in each poche, total of 15 sachets of tea with 5 different blends

Blends: Lavish Earl Grey, Lemongrass Breeze, Jasmine's Magic, Lychee Martini, In Love with Peach

This box comes with:

1. Packaging: Red, "Peace I leave with you", Tea blend: Lavish Earl Grey

2. Packaging: Blue, "By grace you have been saved through Faith", Tea blend: Jasmine's Magic

3. Packaging: Yellow, "In your presence is fullness of Joy", Tea blend: In Love with Peach

4. Packaging: Purple, "We sing of this Hope an anchor for the soul, firm and secure", Tea blend: Lychee Martini

5. Packaging: Green, "Love is the greatest gift", Tea blend: Lemongrass Breeze